Is your Website healthy? This is an important question you have to ask yourself. Extension conflict, broken links, long load time, frequent system crash, difficult for people to use, etc. These things will force your customers leave your site no matter how amazing your products/services are. Your online sales are highly relied on your website’s performance.


To help you build a healthier site, we provide our clients with the Website Health Check service. Our specialist will go over every detail of your website to detect and resolve these site issues, leaving you with a healthy, unfettered platform. Our service will address the deep-rooted difficulties as well as surface elements and is designed to minimize downtime.


Website health check: how?

To facilitate in-depth assessment without disrupting your live store, we start duplicating your store to our development environment. We scrutinize your code for the architecture, code quality, and performance. Furthermore, we will process the raw results through a standardized scoring system for a detail report. After we finished all these process, we will present the information in an intuitive, graphic-rich format, supported by practical resolution strategies to align with Magento best practices. Our Website Health Check comprises over 30 sub-tests spanning the visible and deep-coded elements. Also, if you also agree with our report and want to improve your website. Maginx is still here.


We have the most reliable and knowledgeable experts who are passionate about web technology. As worked in this industry for more than ten years, we have seen lots of successful business based on a healthy website, and lots of failure due to the malfunction of websites. At Maginx, we sincerely want to offer our clients a strong foundation.


If you are interested in our service, please talk with us for more details.



As business grow, security become an importance part that should not be overseen. Thousands of website are attacked and hacked every day, which results irreversible losses in finance and information. To help you better protect your business, we provide Website Security service to defend your site from various malware and attacker.


Protect Your Magento Store

An e-commerce website without enough website security relative support will never success. Today’s website with complex codes all have some “weaknesses.”  Each online store can have dozens, or up to hundreds of settings. The website code and the applications running on the IT infrastructure always have some issues. Hacker will identify and attack these vulnerabilities from the non-secured sites sooner or later. Our Magento Security Audit service can identify the weaknesses of your stores and improve the security settings before hackers, and keep your Magento online store protected. Our website security service will make sure your Magento website code is up-to-date, and your Magento site can pass the famous Magento vulnerabilities checking site


Protect you WordPress blog

Although a WordPress site might not be e-commerce site and might not include transactions, you still cannot ignore its security issues. Attacks on a WordPress site can still be the nightmare of site owner. Moreover, due to the popularity of WordPress, a WordPress website is more vulnerable than a Magento site. So, if you are a WordPress site owner, you can consider contact us for a security audit. With our extensive experience on WordPress, we are able to protect your WordPress site from different types of attacks.


Our Web Security service includes:

  • Security Audit
  • Pitching Magento site for security update
  • Implement security best practices on your site
  • And more Customized Servive!

If you are interested in our service, please talk with us for more details.



The internet is a great market where everyone screams for attention. The one, which is most available, most often visible and best represented, cannot be ignored. To help you succeed in the competition, Maginx provides the Online Marketing / SEO Services. Our specialists have a broad set of tools that can help to identify visitors and to convert it to ambassadors for your business.


We understand Online Marketing. Moreover, we implement it

Search engine optimization is complicated as it contents lots of rules and website master not only need to understand but also able to apply it. Today every big or small entity in the industry claims of being the best search engine optimization solution technology company. However, one of the pain points of hiring these online marketing consulting companies is that they might have related theory with no idea how to implement it. Maginx team who understand your marketing strategy, SEO details and techniques behind can bring your website to a new higher level. As no third party in involved in building your marketing strategy, implement becomes faster and less experience. With Maginx online marketing solutions, we are committed to helping your business grow by offering practical solutions that get results.


Grow your website healthily with white hat SEO techniques

Not all the search engine optimization techniques are well approved by searching engines. Black hat SEO techniques which try deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes might give a site a boost on ranking but can also get the site banned from search engines sooner or later. Maginx only implements white hat SEO which will help your site grow steadily and smoothly and bring your a more successful site in the long term.

  • Our Online Marketing / SEO Service includes:
  • Magento/WordPress SEO Implementation
  • Structured Data Implementation
  • PageSpeed score optimization
  • Keyword Planning / Integration
  • Page friendly Content Audit
  • Sitemap Generate and Submit
  • Search engine optimization Status Monitoring
  • Email Marketing
  • And more customized services!

If you are interested in our service, please contact us for further information.



Proactive IT support solutions is something can make you save a great amount of money for your online business

With no doubt, any profitable or high traffic website can never do without effective IT support. Maginx helps you deal with it without worries. We design and deploy technology solutions that give you a competitive advantage and help you grow your business while ensuring your day-to-day operations run smoothly. Our service will provide proactive IT support and managed IT Services covering server and software updates, data backup service, anti-virus monitoring service and maintenance, as well as firewall monitoring service and mobile device management.


Continuous IT Monitoring is best way to avoid long time outages

Your whole website, including all the applications, and pages will be monitored by our system 24/7.  With our monitoring system, when something bad happened on your website, we will be notified immediately. As soon as we have been informed, we can start analyze the problem, prepare and report you a solution, and recover your website in a very short term.


Have a look to what IT support area we include:

  • Quality Assurance/Staging Site setting
  • Database routine backup
  • Version controllable code deployment process
  • 24/7 site status monitoring
  • Site performance optimization
  • Scalable hardware deployment
  • Avoid, find and fix system failures

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in our service!



Data is one of the most valuable asset for your company, but it is also hard to manage. You might have the bitter experience that you did not manage your data, and therefore your data overpowered your business. Hence that, Maginx decided to provide the Data Integration/Migration service. With our assistances, our client can realize the maximum value from their information.


Take the benefit from data integration with our solution

At Maginx, we developed world-class enterprise data integration solution for your business to deal with varieties of systems with different APIs that serve various business needs. We have extensive experience in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading data from a wide variety of sources including ERP systems, CRM systems and other web content, Files (e.g. XML, Excel, CSV, flat files) and web service APIs. Your data will be safe, well-organized and well-stored with our integration service.


Data migration

Want to move on to a new status of your business but afraid of the trouble from data integration? We can provide you with full system integration, like ERP, CRM, and logistics, with the development of your website. Our data migration experts enable you to transfer data to any platform, and our high customization solution can guarantee to meet your business needs. All your data are syncing with your site without any delay.


We provide the following services for core system integration/migration:</strong >

  • Design system integration solution based on the platform/service you have used</strong >
  • Execution of the design to provide full system integration services</strong >
  • High customization integration solution
  • Data validations for source data
  • Data import/export from different system

If you are planning to upgrade your system and have tons of data need to deal with, please do not hesitate to contact Maginx. Our expert can make sure your valuable data will be well-organized in your new system.



No matter how much time you spend on preparing and documenting, there are still some functions/extensions can go wrong with your eCommerce site, and usually at the worst time imaginable. No matter how good your site current is, there is still a trend for using some new techniques or adopt a new feature and probably bring your site to a higher level. So, it is important to hire a reliable team to perform website maintenance regularly.

At Maginx, we have people who master different kinds of web technologies and platforms. Our website maintenance service can keep your site perform best and up to the trend. No matter you need fix bugs on a critical feature, change layouts of certain pages, develop a new custom feature to meet your business requirement, or even update pictures in your gallery, we are more than happy to help. Your site is always ready for growing.


What our Website Maintenance Service can handle:


Our experienced developers are experts in all kinds of web technologies:

  • Design, Development, Support, Integration, Consulting/Planning eCommerce Solutions / Web Applications
  • Site core code upgrade (Magento/Wordpress)
  • Design / Theme Integration
  • Extend with Readymade Modules / Plugins
  • Develop custom Modules / Plugins
  • Web Services / API
  • Third Party Tools or Plug-in integration (Like Chat, Forum, Blog, Search Engine, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting, bugs solving and do required updates & enhancements.
  • and even more…

If you are interested in our service or website maintenance, as a result, please contact us for more detail information!



Why you need WordPress?

Currently, WordPress is one of the most widely-used CMS (Content Management System) for website development. In fact, according to a business survey, WordPress is now powering 22% of the active websites. So, why WordPress is so popular? The reason is obvious: WordPress simplifies and streamlines the entire process of writing, publishing, optimizing, and maintaining. Furthermore, WordPress is also more flexible, which makes it possible to be the foundation of functional ecommerce websites. To better serve our clients, Maginx offers the WordPress Development Service. A solid, functional website needs to be not only visually attractive and easy to navigate for visitors, but also efficient, user-friendly, and seamless between all different channels. With the assistance of WordPress and Maginx, your website would easily achieve all these goals. So, whatever you want to showcase your business, your brand, your great products or share your excellent idea and content, please contact us to see if our WordPress development solution would be the best fit for you. With WordPress, the most popular blog platform in the world, we can do more than you can imagine, with a reasonable price. We do full WordPress implementations as well as custom plugins, themes, responsive web design and even more.

Our WordPress Development Service

As an experienced developer team, we’re able to provide nearly every kind of WordPress development service:

  • Website branding
  • Install plugins/plugin
  • Plugins customization
  • Custom Theme design and implementations
  • Magento/WordPress Integration and
  • WordPress specific SEO
  • And many more customized services!

Website development is a highly customized service. As a result, we would like to talk with you at first to make sure our developers thoroughly understand your idea and your demand. So, whatever you’ve already decided to build your website on WordPress or not, please contact us for a specific development plan and more professional advice.


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Magento is the must successful open source e-commerce platform available powering over 250,000 sites, helping to generate over $50 billion in annual sales.

Magento 2 pushes the boundaries as to what is possible even further! A quicker development environment with optimised code and a modern code stack enable us to create even better e-commerce sites.

Reason to upgrade to Magento 2

  1. Varnish & Full Page Cache
  2. Table performance & multiple databases
  3. Content staging & preview
  4. Guest & Two Step Checkout
  5. Reduced Javascript libraries
  6. Optimised default theme
  7. More secure, easier maintenance and upgrades
  8. Improve B2B user experience
  9. and much more…

There are so many reasons to upgrade to Magento 2 today; we’ve highlighted just a few of them here.

How we perform a Magento 2 migration

The migration path consists of 3 processes:
  1. Extensions

    Magento has launched a brand new Marketplace specifically for M2. Many of the most popular M1 extensions that merchants are using today are likely to have already been redeveloped for the M2 platform.

    Magento are actively reaching out to vendors to ensure they update their extensions to the M2 format. Although Marketplace is rapidly growing with extensions, if the module you require is not available then we can build this for you.

  2. Themes and Customization

    Like extensions, current M1 themes will not work in M2. All the code will need to be refactored and rewritten from scratch. The benefits of this:

    • Themes will be built to the latest best practice
    • Speed performances
    • Greater adherence to Google’s requirements
    • An overall increase in usability
  3. Data Migration

    For the data migration, Magento have created a flexible data migration tool to assist with migrating key data sets from M1 to M2. At its core, the tool is a command line tool that connects to a database that’s configured to hold M1 data.

    Before running the initial data migration tool, we’ll help you decide what data needs to be migrated, and how best to determine that. It’s a great opportunity to clear up and remove redundancy.

    Once the initial data migration is complete, we’ll use the delta migration facility to bridge the gap between the last data import and any new information that has come across. This allows merchants to take M1 data and perform the initial import ahead of time.

Contact us for more Information


– Unleash the POWER of Magento for your E-Commerce Website

Web development is Maginx’s core business, because every fantastic website starts with development. In order to help our clients, we are proud to offer our Magento Development Services to all kinds of businesses. Whether you need a brand-new online store, want to reconstruct your website to improve your entire customer experience, or simply want to boost your traffic and sales, we can help you achieve your goal.

Why Magento?

Magento is a very solid candidate for businesses which looking for a robust and scalable eCommerce platform. In fact, as measured by, Magento runs 26% of the top e-commerce sites on the Web. As a E-commerce platform, Magento has lots of advantages, especially for its flexibility and extensibility. However, these advantages also significantly increase the complexity of using Magento.

We are Your Magento Experts

We understand these situations. Thus we believe hiring a Agency to develop an expertly customized website would be the optimal choice, and, we, Maginx, can definitely become your most reliable Magento partner. We can provide you the best Magento development solution as well as the most profitable site you need. Due to our width knowledge and experience of Magento deve make us be able to practice in Magento 1 and 2 platforms with community or enterprise edition to match different clients’ needs. Also, our Magento Certified Solution Specialists and Magento Certified Developers will work together to bring you the best Magento experience you can ever have.


What Can we offer?

Our talented developers are specialized in all the Magento-related web development skills, like:

  • Business Discovery
  • Project Management
  • Design and User Experience
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Frontend Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Backend Development
  • Magento Admin Training, Guidance, and Documentation
  • System Integration
  • Extension Install/Development
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Website traffic/transaction analytics
  • Project after support
  • And much more customized service… …

So, if you are interested in our service, please do not hesitate to share your idea with us. Our developers will use their professional skills and knowledge to develop the best Magento store for you.