Why Do You Need WordPress?

Currently, WordPress is one of the most widely-used CMS (Content Management System) for website development. In fact, according to a business survey, WordPress is now powering 22% of all active websites. So, why is WordPress is so popular? The reason is clear: WordPress simplifies and streamlines the entire process of writing, publishing, optimizing, and maintaining a web page. Furthermore, WordPress is also more flexible, which makes allows it to be the foundation of functional E-commerce sites. To better serve our clients, we at Maginx offer a WordPress Development Service. A solid, functional website needs to be not only visually attractive and easy to navigate for visitors, but also efficient, user-friendly, and seamless between all different channels.

With the assistance of WordPress and Maginx, your website could easily achieve all these goals. So, whatever you want to showcase, whether it be your business, your brand, your great products, or your excellent ideas and content, please contact us to see if our WordPress Development solutions would be the best fit for you. With WordPress, the most popular blog platform in the world, we can do more than you can imagine at a reasonable price. We do full WordPress implementations as well as custom plugins, themes, responsive web design and more.

Our WordPress Development Service

As an experienced developer team, we’re able to provide nearly every kind of WordPress development service:

  • Website Branding
  • Install plugins
  • Plugins Customization
  • Custom Theme Designs and Implementations
  • Magento/WordPress Integration
  • WordPress Specific SEO
  • And many more customized services!

Website development is a highly customized service. As a result, we would like to talk with you at first to make sure our developers thoroughly understand your ideas. So, whether you’ve decided to build your website on WordPress or not, please contact us for a specific development plan and professional advice.