We Understand Online Marketing. Moreover, We Implement It

The internet is a great market where everyone screams for attention. The website that is easiest to find and aesthetically pleasing usually gets most of the attention. To help you succeed in this competitive online market, Maginx offers Online Marketing / SEO Services. Our specialists have a broad set of tools that can help to identify what visitors your site attracts and how to convert them into ambassadors for your business.

Grow Your Website Organically With White Hat SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization (SEO) is complicated as it contains a lot of rules and is always evolving. Furthermore, not only do webmasters need to understand these rules, but they also need to apply them. Nowadays, every small or big firm in this industry claims to be the best SEO solutions company. However, the biggest risk of hiring these online marketing consulting companies is that they might have an idea of what “good” SEO practices are, but they do not have the experience to implement them. On the contrary, we at Maginx have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. We will learn and understand your marketing strategy and combine it with our experience and best current SEO techniques. Together, we can bring your website to the next level and generate traffic that you never thought was possible. 

So what are White Hat techniques? These are SEO practices that generate traffic without breaking accepted SEO rules by search engines. These techniques usually produce traffic with people who are actually in tune with the content your website has to offer. White Hat practices improve your website popularity in the long run and allows you to rank up naturally in search results. On the contrary, Black Hat SEO techniques are the exactly what you would think they are. Opposite of White Hat SEO, Black Hat techniques try to manipulate search engines to boost a site on search rankings even though they might not be the most relevant page to the searcher. These techniques can work, but can also get the site banned from search engines. Maginx only implements White Hat SEO, which will help your site grow steadily and smoothly, and result in a more successful site in the long term.

Our Online Marketing / SEO Service includes:

  • Magento/WordPress SEO Implementation
  • Structured Data Implementation
  • PageSpeed score optimization
  • Keyword Planning / Integration
  • Page friendly Content Audit
  • Sitemap Generate and Submit
  • Search engine optimization Status Monitoring
  • Email Marketing
  • And more customized services!

If you are interested in our service, please contact us for further information.