For any online business, SEO and Content Marketing are becoming more and more critical. Based on an IBM Survey, 56% of marketers believe that customized marketing content generates higher engagement rates. Because right content always indicates good SEO, and good SEO exposes you to more target customers and therefore brings you more engagement and sales!

As a digital agency, Maginx is always trying to help online businesses to promote themselves to customers. This article is a brief introduction of some new SEO trends in 2019 that may help you improve your SEO strategy.

1. Define Your Niche Market

Although SEO is always changing, a lot of businesses still like to cling on the old way to climb the search rankings. However, web agencies and their brands cheap jerseys China are gradually entering a new epoch: it’s time for micro concepts and niche marketing.

Using “big” keywords cheap nfl jerseys and links doesn’t perform well anymore. Instead, businesses need to focus on more specific keyword strings, geographic areas, and customer segments. With the expansion of the internet, more and more searchers and search results come out. So, it is unreasonable to try to bring all buyers to your website.

To succeed in the market, you need to understand your business and your target customers, focus on the keywords and buyers that most related to your company, and you can be more competitive in the SEO competition.

2. Geographical Element Matters

Most online “quick improvement” services only waste your time.  However, there is one improvement you can make without using lots of time and effort: adding a geographical term (Like city’s name) to the search word of your website.

Nowadays, more and more searchers are searching for local results, and, meanwhile, most search engines have already included geographic factors in their search algorithms to give searchers location related result when searchers use a location-based keyword.

So, the final result is that it’s been much easier to let potential clients find you if they are close enough to your business. Also, it only takes a few minutes to improve your website’s SEO for this kind of search traffic.

3. Be Consistent in Your SEO Strategy

Different businesses optimize the results of search engine differently. In the short term, some of these strategies may bring better results, and some of them may be less effective. However, no matter what strategy you are using, you need to be consistent in your approach over time.

SEO always takes some time to make a difference, especially when you have a competitor who captures a prime search position before you. Trying every method to improve your SEO at once is useless, and even harmful. If you know which search words your customers use, and where to put these words on your pages and blog posts, you have every element you need to let customers find you.

SEO is evolving, so is Maginx. We, Maginx has never stopped learning to make sure we provide the most up-to-date advice to our customers.

SEO and Online Marketing is one of main services that Maginx provided to our clients. If you are interest in improve your website’s SEO, just Contact us for more information.