After building a beautiful website, and optimizing your SEO, you successfully expose your business to more buyers, and attract more traffic to your website. Now, you meet another problem: why people just scan your website and leave, instead of making a purchase. Obviously, the ultimate goal for a website is to generate more sales, getting people to your site is only the foundation. So, now, you need to convince them to buy.

Conversion Rate is a ratio that measures how effective your site is at making sales. The higher the conversion rate, the more people purchase your products after viewing your website. So, you definitely want to increase the conversion rate to as higher as it can.

In this blog, Maginx will give you 8 tips to guide you maximize the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Mobile Friendly.Today, more and more people use mobile devices, and mobile users even spend more money on online shopping than traditional users. So, you cannot ignore this part of customers. Because mobile users are different, you need to make your website mobile optimized,  which means you need to presenting these users a functional, clear, and friendly website.

  2. Speed up Your Site. Online buyers are impatient, so you’d better make sure your site would not waste them too much time on waiting. Avoid losing potential customers by reducing load time is important. Please read another blog on our site for more specific guidelines.

  3. Simplify Checkouts Process.As we said, online shoppers are impatient, so they expect a concise and easy checkouts process. Any unnecessary or confusing step may risk losing a sale. Please set up your checkout process to be short and straight.

  4. Show You Product.This dost not mean just putting your product on your site. You need to carefully introduce your product to customer by sentences, images, and videos that demonstrate what your product can achieve in an engaging way.

  5. Attract the right traffic. You certainly need to get more viewers to your website, but you also need to make sure these people you attracted are at least interested in these type of product. Ensure your website content and promotions are focused on attracting the right type of shoppers.

  6. Structure Your Content. Show your content in a right structure is critical. The important content should be presented to viewers as fast as possible, and different pages should be achieved by less clicks. Guide your users through call-to-action words and buttons toward the purchase step.

  7. Build trust with customers.People would spend more, if they trust your website. Adding a security badge or protection guarantee can do wonders for convincing hesitant customers to buy. Also, if you are a new company with less brand recognition, you can work with established companies like Google or Norton security to lend weight to your own.

  8. Offer Different PaymentBy offering guest checkouts (checkout without an account), paypal checkouts, Amazon Pay, and more, you can always allow your buyers check out through their most familiar and favorable ways.

How should I begin?

Although Maginx provided many ideas, making all these improvements at once is not efficient for most businesses. Even though each of them is important, you still need to follow an order to achieve the best result. Based on our experience, we have already prepared an order for you, and we wrote the eight tips in this order. However, because each business is different, please reconsider the order according to your own situation.

Increasing conversion rate is not an easy task, but it is one of the determinant of the success of your business. When you have questions about these improvements, please do not hesitate to contact Maginx. Maginx can answer all your questions, and equip your website with the most powerful tool to maximize the conversion rate.