How to enhance your website security?

Although e-commerce technology is well-developed today, information security is still a problem that challenges many people. Being afraid of data Anaheim Ducks limited jerseys abuse, data theft, and data selling, lots of potential customers are reluctant discount authentic nfl jerseys to provide credit card information online.

This is a critical problem that nearly every online retailer has to meet when it just started.

Data security problem not only hurts small online business, but also impacts large enterprise. Just a few months before, InterContinental Hotels Group was hacked and payment card data from over 1,150 hotels was stolen. Facing all these worrying news, customers have too many concerns towards their retailer:

  • Is your site secure for credit card transactions?
  • Will my data get hacked or sold?
  • How does your company protect my payment information?

Maginx understands all these concerns, and want to help online business build security and trust. In order to do this, Maginx provides the following advices:

  1. Choose a secure ecommerce platform. Ecommerce platform is the first choice you have to make before developing a website. Choosing a reliable platform can help you get rid of lots of attacks.

  2. Don