Website Security Service

Website Security Service

– Website security is so important that will never be overemphasized



As business grow, security become an importance part that should not be overseen. Thousands of website are attacked and hacked every day, which results irreversible losses in finance and information. To help you better protect your business, we provide Website Security service to defend your site from various malware and attacker.

Protect Your Magento Store

An e-commerce website without enough website security relative support will never success. Today’s website with complex codes all have some “weaknesses.”  Each online store can have dozens, or up to hundreds of settings. The website code and the applications running on the IT infrastructure always have some issues. Hacker will identify and attack these vulnerabilities from the non-secured sites sooner or later.

Our Magento Security Audit service can identify the weaknesses of your stores and improve the security settings before hackers, and keep your Magento online store protected. Our website security service will make sure your Magento website code is up-to-date, and your Magento site can pass the famous Magento vulnerabilities checking site

Protect you WordPress blog

Although a WordPress site might not be e-commerce site and might not include transactions, you still cannot ignore its security issues. Attacks on a WordPress site can still be the nightmare of site owner. Moreover, due to the popularity of WordPress, a WordPress website is more vulnerable than a Magento site. So, if you are a WordPress site owner, you can consider contact us for a security audit. With our extensive experience on WordPress, we are able to protect your WordPress site from different types of attacks.

Our Web Security service includes:

  • Security Audit
  • Pitching Magento site for security update
  • Implement security best practices on your site
  • And more Customized Servive!


If you are interested in our service, please talk with us for more details.