Website health check

Website Health Check

– As your site grow, every single part might become your bottleneck



Is your Website healthy? This is an important question you have to ask yourself. Extension conflict, broken links, long load time, frequent system crash, difficult for people to use, etc. These things will force your customers leave your site no matter how amazing your products/services are. Your online sales are highly relied on your website’s performance.


To help you build a healthier site, we provide our clients with the Website Health Check service. Our specialist will go over every detail of your website to detect and resolve these site issues, leaving you with a healthy, unfettered platform. Our service will address the deep-rooted difficulties as well as surface elements and is designed to minimize downtime.


Website health check: how?

To facilitate in-depth assessment without disrupting your live store, we start duplicating your store to our development environment. We scrutinize your code for the architecture, code quality, and performance. Furthermore, we will process the raw results through a standardized scoring system for a detail report. After we finished all these process, we will present the information in an intuitive, graphic-rich format, supported by practical resolution strategies to align with Magento best practices. Our Website Health Check comprises over 30 sub-tests spanning the visible and deep-coded elements. Also, if you also agree with our report and want to improve your website. Maginx is still here.


We have the most reliable and knowledgeable experts who are passionate about web technology. As worked in this industry for more than ten years, we have seen lots of successful business based on a healthy website, and lots of failure due to the malfunction of websites. At Maginx, we sincerely want to offer our clients a strong foundation.


If you are interested in our service, please talk with us for more details.