Online Marketing / SEO Service

Online Marketing / SEO Service

- Get more traffic, visibility and/or sales with assistance from our specialists



The internet is a great market where everyone screams for attention. The one, which is most available, most often visible and best represented, cannot be ignored. To help you succeed in the competition, Maginx provides the Online Marketing / SEO Services. Our specialists have a broad set of tools that can help to identify visitors and to convert it to ambassadors for your business.


We understand Online Marketing. Moreover, we implement it

Search engine optimization is complicated as it contents lots of rules and website master not only need to understand but also able to apply it. Today every big or small entity in the industry claims of being the best search engine optimization solution technology company. However, one of the pain points of hiring these online marketing consulting companies is that they might have related theory with no idea how to implement it. Maginx team who understand your marketing strategy, SEO details and techniques behind can bring your website to a new higher level. As no third party in involved in building your marketing strategy, implement becomes faster and less experience. With Maginx online marketing solutions, we are committed to helping your business grow by offering practical solutions that get results.


Grow your website healthily with white hat SEO techniques

Not all the search engine optimization techniques are well approved by searching engines. Black hat SEO techniques which try deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes might give a site a boost on ranking but can also get the site banned from search engines sooner or later. Maginx only implements white hat SEO which will help your site grow steadily and smoothly and bring your a more successful site in the long term.

  • Our Online Marketing / SEO Service includes:
  • Magento/WordPress SEO Implementation
  • Structured Data Implementation
  • PageSpeed score optimization
  • Keyword Planning / Integration
  • Page friendly Content Audit
  • Sitemap Generate and Submit
  • Search engine optimization Status Monitoring
  • Email Marketing
  • And more customized services!


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