Data is one of the most valuable assets for your company, but it is also difficult to manage. Oftentimes, it is daunting to think of managing all the data that your E-commerce business produces. However, we at Maginx are here to offer our Data Integration/Migration services. With our assistance, our clients can smoothly and confidently have their data transferred into a new system.


Benefit From Data Integration With Our Solutions

At Maginx, we offer world-class enterprise data integration solutions for your business to deal with various systems with multiple API’s and business needs. We have extensive experience in data extraction, transformation, and loading data from a wide variety of sources.
These sources include but are not limited to:
  • ERP systems
  • CRM systems
  • web service API’s
  • web content files (e.g. XML, Excel, CSV, flat files)
Your data will be safe, well-organized, and well-stored with our integration services.

Data Migration

Do you want to elevate the status of your business but are afraid of the trouble from data integration? We can provide you with full system integration using ERP, CRM, and logistics along with the development of your website. Our data migration experts can transfer your data to any platform. Additionally, our custom-tailored solutions are guaranteed to meet your business needs. 


We Provide The Following Services For Core System Integration/Migration:

  • Design a system integration solution based on the platform/service you have used
  • Execution of the design to provide full system integration services
  • Highly customized integration solutions
  • Data validations for source data
  • Data import/export from different systems

If you are planning to upgrade your system and have tons of data that need to be dealt with, please do not hesitate to contact Maginx. Our experts can make sure your valuable data is well-organized in your new system.